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Bingo Websites


Bingo Websites - Do not make a deposit, usually requested when registering, without having taken a look at the game first. At this moment you cannot play, but you can watch and learn some strategies, and in certain cases you may also use the chat and make some friends who may tell you some tips about the site itself, or about the bingo game. Also verify the security when submitting your personal dates requires when registering.

Don't forget… many of our games have multiple winners. We are the only bingo site that awards up to ten extra prizes per game to randomly selected players. That means up to ten chances per game to win - ten times better than any other site out there!

Downloadable bingo games are online bingo games that are played without Flash software. Downloadable games need to instead be downloaded from the specific bingo site, whereas non downloadable bingo games are played live.

During all buddies games, if bingo winner is ooc (out of chat) the CM will add 1 Bonus Buck to a pot. Once the pot reaches 5 Bonus Bucks the CM will ask a trivia question and the first player who answers correctly gets the 5 Bonus Bucks

Each Day (7 days a week) at 12:00 AM EST we we provide 2500 free credits to each member. For each game of bingo you play, 100 credits will be deducted from this 2500 credits. Your goal is to win bingo for as many of these bingo games as possible that day. Each game has a pot that consists of the amount of players who have joined that specific game multiplied by 100 points. (Note: Not every bingo player in the room during each bingo game will have joined the game, thus the pot may not always match the amount of bingo players shown in a room.) If you successfully claim bingo for that bingo game, the pot total will be added to your score. (In the case of multiple winners the pot will be split evenly among the multiple winners for that day.) Each day's bingo tournament ends when the final bingo game underway at 11:45 PM EST is completed. (Note: BlackOut and Pattern games take a little longer to complete than a Traditional Game).

Each valid bingo player account will receive the same amount of credits each day. The credits that have not been used at the end of the day (or at the end of the last game of the day) will be lost. Bingo tournament game times are based on the game server date/time, game servers are located in the EST time zone.

Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, was driving to Jacksonville, Georgia in December of 1929. He was a few miles away from the city when he was attracted by the lights of a county fair. He stopped and was mesmerized by the room full of people playing Beano. He waited ‘till late at night and after the game, spoke to the pitchman who told him the story of how he came up with the game.

Entry into the World Championship Main Event on July 20th has become the hottest ticket in town and players are very excited about the huge cash prizes on offer.

Evening bingo is prime time. I am greeted with a pleasant hello and xoxoxoxo. The CL is lively and a plethora of information about the bingo chat game we are playing and the bingo specials at this time. Although she is very busy with whatever bingo chat game we are playing, she still finds time to joke with us and talk to each and every one of us. She cheers me on to bingo and makes me feel hopeful, like bingo is coming any second. It’s time for bed and although I may not have won a bingo, I leave with a feeling that I will be missed as the CL warmly wishes me sd (sweet dreams) and I am sent away with and abundance of xoxoxoxo.

Every game's prize is determined by the number of cards purchased. A percentage of card sales is allocated to the game in play, and to the Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots. The more folks playing and the more cards purchased, the bigger the prizes!

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